What We Undertake: 


  • We undertake, Residential, Commercial, Industrial plots, which have a title deed, as long as their Owners are interested in selling them at their real market value, at the time of the assignment. Also, it should not be un-divided shares and provided that the land enjoys easy access to a registered road and offer to the potential buyer the opportunity for an immediate exploitation and/or development. We are not interested in any overpriced properties whose owners’ asking price is not substantiated by a recent valuation of property from a licensed and approved valuator.
  • In case of Plots of Land which are sold as shares (un-divided) these are only undertaken, when there is in effect between the co-owners a ¹ Division / Separation agreement and this has been filed in the appropriate districts Land Registry Office. And ² the relevant application for the issuance of separate title deeds has been submitted to the Land Registry.
  • We undertake mediation of large residential, undivided plots of land, whose owner/s wish to divide them into many plots, but they are unwilling or unable to cover for the high costs for the division, the construction and their development into plots. (Such costs, initially consist of the preparation of the relevant development plans, the application for the issuance of a planning permit, the issuance of the separation permit, and construction costs such as: cleaning, leveling, construction of roads, paving and asphalting, construction of green areas, and the construction of the service facilities points of electricity, telecommunications, water supply, etc.)
  • Our company is in cooperation with such companies that undertake the total cost of plotting in exchange with a number of plots from the division that will result. The Agreement is prepared and signed before any works can commence with a Lawyer of the Owner’s choice and/or approval.
    In this case our company claims the exclusivity of the re-presentation by the owner for any future sale of the plots.


  • Houses, Villas are taken over, provided they have separate title deeds.
  • Old Buildings and building structure under demolition for sale as plots.
  • Ready-to-deliver Apartments, Old and New.


  • We are not interested in Agricultural plots, Plots in Protected Zone, or other zones that do not allow their exploitation and or any plots that are enclosed and isolated. In the case of Agricultural Plots only, they are selectively undertaken only if they enjoy access to a registered road, are in reclamation or are relatively very close to a road.
  • Under certain conditions and after concluding and signing a special agreement, we may consider taking over plots of land with a registered right of passage but are not far from a residential zone.
  • Under conditions and on a case-by-case basis, always with a special separate and on an exclusive-basis only agreement, we take over properties that fall under default loans, properties that may be sold in an auction, properties with usufruct, properties of deceased persons, and/or properties in which lenders are involved, or even belong to bankrupt owners.
  • Properties that do not have a title deed at all, and are sold by transfer (COS) Contract of Sale, are only taken over in exceptional cases and always with separate conditions and a different real estate fee than the usual.
  • Cases with real estate involving co-owners are only undertaken with the signing of a special agreement either with an authorized representative who possesses a Power of Attorney, which represents all co-owners, or in the event that all co-owners agree and sign with us an agreement authorizing us to mediate on their behalf.
  • Properties with border differences and disputes, problematic cases, and cases that are in the courts, are of no interest to our company.

Promotion, advertising and the actual process of identifying a potential buyer for your offered property, always begins after the written and signed assignment of the Owner(s) to our office.

Thank you for your understanding,

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